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Selling watches was a hobby with friends asking to buy them watches everytime I travel. Switching from hobby to serious, YY Watches was created in May 2017. The brand name was inspirated by my two extraordinary children, Yaelle and Yahn. They also wanted to add to the watches accessories, such as handbags, pens, sunglasses, and jewerlies.

In order to purchase a good and fine watch and accessories from the wide variety for personal use, or for an occasion, or as a gift, we welcome you to

Timepieces are one of the most important devices in the daily lives of human beings.
It is required for keeping the track of the time during the day or the night. There's a style and fit for everyone, there are seven types of watches.

  • Automatic watches.
  • Quartz watches.
  • Solar-Powered watches.
  • Dress watches.
  • Chronograph watches.
  • Dive watches.
  • Smartwatches.