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Y & Y Watches supports Haiti

Donate for the infortunates in Haiti

Yaelle and Yahn’s best interest is to make an impact and help the unfortunates take a better direction.


Y & Y Supportent Haiti are two kids willing to give in return all the blessings that they received by helping the unfortunates, Orphans and Vulnerable children in needs. With our best intention, we hope to change the lives of many children in Haiti!

Orphans hold a special place in my kids’ hearts. Every December they participate in “A Day With Santa“, charity activities, where they have the chance to serve food to one thousand orphans and handicapped children.

Here in Haiti, economic push factors are the number one cause of children moving from family homes into orphanages. Hoping that the child gets a better life is reason why the family sends a child to orphanage. We are dedicated to serve all the orphanages that we can reach.

At the same time, you can make a wonderful difference in the life of a child with your sponsporship. It will be used to provide Food, Water, and Clothing. Visit Y & Y Supportent Haiti’s link to make a donation of your choice

Y & Y Supportent Haiti’s values

  • Compassion and empathy toward others
  • Care focused on the needs of each child
  • To be responsible and to respond to the needs of others, both individually and collectively
  • developing kindness, empathy and care for others, through what we say and do

  • Commitment to serve our family and our community
Y & Y Supportent Haiti can’t thank you enough for contributing to put a smile on a child face by supporting our cause.

Goal $500,000.00

$232.00 raised of $500,000.00


4 people just donated